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We believe in television with purpose. We believe in culture. We believe in a better future.

Createl is an independent television production company founded in 1991 and based in Barcelona, specializing in the creation of original content and in factual and documentary formats, most of them related to culture. We are proud to work with some of the best and most innovative professionals in television and we are always looking for emerging talent with the primary goal of bringing fresh ideas,

original formats and finding compelling new stories to life.


Since our foundation, television has evolved a lot and keeps evolving, which is why we bring a digital sensibility to everything we do,

always thinking about social platforms and developing new original ways to reach the audience.

Since 2016, Createl has powered Creanext, an accelerator and newmedia lab.



El lloc dels fets

Generació digital

La Salut al cistell

Viure bé


Ciutat en Beta

Els nous pinzells

Això no és cap joc

Dalí Nostrum

Estudiants per la llibertat

El que hem menjat

El cas de la núvia dividida

L’enigma Giacomo

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